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16 July 2022

Want to join us?

On the prowl for OFFSHORE CREW to sail into the eastern Pacific. Think you have what it takes? I would like to hear from you. We leave in May 2023.

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myserenity snorkelling
01 August 2022

Be inspired, join a rally

Compiled by my nephew, a great video he made on a sail with us. We were on a Down Under Rally recently (no...I'm not being paid by them).

James works for a large commercial advertising company, he knocked this up overnight. Happy to forward his details if you contact me.

Enjoy, and thank you James M, really look forward to your company again.

03 August 2022

2023 Cruising Plans

Planning is well underway for the 2023 cruising season. Having completed our third Down Under Rally, we have put my hat in the ring for the Go East Rally...

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myserenity catamaran
05 Aug 2022

Port Douglas to Townsville

SE winds had died for a few days, so chose to make hay and start the journey southbound. The first stop was at beautiful Fitzroy Island...

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myserenity Coral
05 September 2022

Townsville to Yeppoon

Trying to avoid the strong into-wind sailing, we waited for a lull in the SE winds. This presented and over five days the yacht was repositioned to Keppel Bay Marina...

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myserenity Sunset
30 October 2022

Yeppoon to Brisbane

The last leg in positioning mySerenity below the cyclone belt for the summer was in full swing. This time of the year, the winds are very testing. Finally, a break...

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20 Dec 2022

Pro-active Maintenance

Year 3 of the 3-year refit happens in mid-January 2023. Having bedded in the first two years chores and now ironed out the bugs of buying a second-hand...

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mySerenity catamaran haulout
02 Feb 2023

Surveyors Report

Wow...wasn't expecting this. A Surveyors report with NO issues. Infact, two comments stand out.

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yacht surveyors report
15 Feb 2023

Planning to go offshore

Boatyard work - done. Next is the planning stage of offshore sailing, crewing and remote location safety and security. It's all go from here.

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offshore catamaran sailing
25 March 2023

Cheat...get two years ahead

If you want to get 10 steps ahead of other cruisers and cruise offshore sooner, this may just be for you.

We take you on our journey of how we did it.

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10 Apr 2023

Power from saltwater

While we had heard about it, we could never get our hands onto a reasonably priced unit. Well it's here. The HYDRACELL CUBE LANTERN.

Best of all it charges small things like iPhones and Iridium-Go too.

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Hydracell charger
01 June 2023

Arrive New Caledonia

Stunning crystal clear waters, coral and cultures of the south east pacific. There was also an incident requiring surgery on passage.

Read about the incident here,
Watch the PASSAGE VIDEO here.

mySerenity New Caledonia

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offshore routing

myserenity cruising map

Past offshore satellite tracking.
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