mySerenity Cruising
plans 2023

Planning is well underway for the 2023 cruising season. Having completed our third Down Under Rally, we have put my hat in the ring for the Go East Rally (this includes Go West Rally and Loyalty Islands Rally).

The final route details are still pending, these rallies will include New Caledonia & The Loyalty Islands for 3 months (possibly Vanuatu for 2 months), five months in total.

Departure: Australia May 2023 (7-11 day offshore passage).

Return: to Australia September - November ex New Caledonia (7-8 day offshore passage).

Feelers are out for OFFSHORE CREW. The particular crew will be doing the ocean passages with me and then stay on for a few days R'n'R. To friends, family and interested persons, call me.

Contact: Call me, or follow this link.

If you are at all interested, now is the time to start planning.
- Passport delays are already happening.
- International COVID clearance certificates are required.
- Booking holiday blocks.
- Airline tickets (now while they are cheap).

Call me, let's talk...


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