hydracell cube lantern

hydracell cube lantern

light & charger, with no battery!

Here is an alternative for the safety grab bag or toolbox. It can supplement or even replace torches and those dreaded alkaline batteries.

Best of all, it uses salt water with a bit more salt added. An eco-friendly alternative to batteries.

Another HUGE advantage is it can be used for charging.

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They also make a torch with no batteries that are ready for immediate use, once dipped into fresh or saltwater?


The writer is not sponsored by this company, just loves and has bought their products... James

hydracell aqua pro torch

what can you charge?

We have been sourcing a small collapsable solar panel for emergency charging, however, this unit has resolved that challenge.

The Hydracell Cube Lantern can recharge most small rechargeable battery items that utilise a USB port. This includes the more modern:
- iPhones,
- GPS,
- Iridium-Go, even
- VHF Radio.

What we have added, read here...

hydracell cube plates


1. Uses 500ml saltwater,
2. Charges phones 6-8 phone charges, or
3. Provides 50-100 hours of light.

To recharge...simple:
1. Change plates (2nd set supplied),
2. Add new saltwater, and it's ready again.

The shelf life of the HYDRACELL Cube Cell is 900-1,800 hours.

How does it work, read here...

hydracell cube

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