How we plan a passage

Preparing a 13m catamaran for an offshore 5-month remote adventure.

Planning, proactive maintenance, insurance, crewing, diving, legal and more

5 months in remote locations

Why is Offshore sailing any different?

Passage making

Off our doorstep are remote mostly untouched pieces of Pacific paradise begging for adventure. The waters a clear and clean, the locals are steeped in tradition and the diving is second-to-none.

Pacific Islands are a 5-6 day sail from mainland Australia. If planned correctly, this can be done on one tack into a beam-broad reach position, across the Coral Sea. Winds normally favour 20-30 knots, so correct sail management and reefing are key.

Time of year plays a huge part too. Through the Australian and Pacific winter period (May - October), conditions are more favourable. They are normally cyclone free and while the waters may be a degree or two cooler, water activities are second to none.

So were do you start? This is a huge endeavour with high risk, crossing international waters into foreign countries. Many spots are classed 'remote - extremely remote', are cyclone ravaged pacific atolls and countries with unusual customs.

The attraction is cruising this remote pristine Pacific paradise, making friendships in remote locations with beautiful people whose cultures are lost in today's western society.

yacht maintenence

'Cheap' maintenance

We were once told that: 'if you complain about spending money on your boat, you can't afford it. So, sell it...' Is there such a thing as maintenance on the cheap? 

We actually saved over AUD $4000 on our pro-active maintenance, read the To join or not join a rally.

Being very proactive in maintenance and staying one step ahead of most problems, certainly reduces maintenance costs long term.

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downunder rallies

To join or not join a rally

You have the freedom to go anywhere. And you want company?

The smarter ones use rallies to their advantage.

Want the inside gossip on the GOOD and BAD of joining a rally, the expenses vs 'what you get' from our perspective...

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south pacific

Passage-making prep

Passage-making is a little more regimented in process and delivery. There is a distinct difference between this and coastal cruising, but why?

There are a few very big reasons.

Rules of the sea, dictate that a vessel must be under control of a captain at all times...

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some offshore sailing footage

This footage was a passage we made offshore 200-250nm off  the Australian coastline. Not sure how far offshore this is?

Go to the edge of the outer Great Barrier Reef, then double that.

You would struggle to find these on Google Maps.


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